Privacy policy

Welcome to the Heritage Family Dentistry website. We are a team of expert dentists who are committed to providing compassionate dental solutions to all its clients. At Heritage Family Dentistry, the confidentiality of information and patient details are given the utmost importance. This privacy policy states all the terms and conditions for users visiting this website and using its services, as well as for the patients visiting the Heritage Family Dentistry. This policy document also outlines details about how the website collects, discloses, protects, and uses the information made available to it.

In this policy document, terms like “we” and “our” are used which refer to the owner of Heritage Family Dentistry and terms like “you” and “your” refer to the person reading this policy document.

Information Collection
Heritage Family Dentistry’s website collects personal information of the users and patients when they visit our website or avail of our services at Heritage Family Dentistry. The collection of information is done at the time of registration. Details collected include the name, address, email address, contact details, date of birth, medical history of the patient, health insurance details, etc. Usually, the website does not collect details of people who do not register themselves with Heritage Family Dentistry. IP and MAC addresses of visitors are collected irrespective of registration with the website.

How we use the information
The information and personal details collected are used by our website and team to enhance the user experience and improve our services. We use the information to create a personalized healthcare plan for the patient. Apart from this, the insurance details help in providing a hassle-free dental treatment to lower the financial burden on the patient. At the time of billing and further communication with the patient, the details are used.

Disclosure of details to third-party
Heritage Family Dentistry does not disclose the personal or health details of any patient with any third-party website or platform. We believe in maintaining the utmost confidentiality and privacy of our patient’s details. Only when there is a legal order or court for disclosure of details, do we share it with legal authorities.

Children’s policy
Information or any details of minors are not collected by Heritage Family Dentistry. Any such case will be considered a mistake and with immediate action, the collected information will be erased from all the memories of Heritage Family Dentistry.

Users rights
All the registered patients of Heritage Family Dentistry are eligible to enjoy certain rights regarding their personal and health data that is there with us. These rights include:

  1. Users may appeal for amendment of their specific data with us in case it is wrong or has changed over time
  2. You may request for non-disclosure of personal details for billing purposes or insurance services
  3. Users can access a copy of their personal and health data that are with Heritage Family Dentistry
  4. Users can request Heritage Family Dentistry to share their personal details in their preferred (legal) mode of communication
  5. In case of any security breach or tampering of data, we inform our patients/users at the earliest.

Terms and conditions for website access

  1. Our website provides general information regarding the terms and conditions of the usage. For detailed information, it is recommended to visit our clinic in Canton, Michigan.
  2. The website and its details are subject to change without any prior notice to any user.
  3. The accuracy of information present on this website is not guaranteed by us or any third-party platform/institute/website. For exact details, it is best to visit our clinic in Canton, Michigan
  4. Errors or misinformation on the website are not our liability under the full extent of the law.
  5. Our website does not share details with third-party platforms. However, our website may include links to third-party websites/platforms. We, however, do not endorse or recommend any third-party platform/website/brand.

Changes to privacy policy
Details, terms and conditions, and information present on this website are under the sole discretion of Heritage Family Dentistry. Changes to any of this information are not subject to prior notice. Heritage Family Dentistry holds the legal right to amend any and all these terms without any prior notice.

We ensure to update and inform our registered users and patients regarding amendment/removal or privacy policy terms of Heritage Family Dentistry.